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Jens Ritter Sculpting Music

Jens Ritter
b. 1972, Bad Duerkheim, Germany
Lives and works in Deidesheim, Germany

Jens Ritter is a German artist who has centered his artistic practice around the electric guitar. His admiration for electric guitar culture dates back to his youth, shaping his lifelong dedication to creating masterpieces within this realm. Growing up in an environment characterized by perfectionist craftsmanship and a vibrant music culture, Ritter's passion for the electric guitar was ignited. This instrument, pivotal in the development of Rock Music Culture, became the cornerstone of his artistic expression.

Ritter's artistic mission is to capture the essence of this culture through versatile sculptural and conceptual works. His creations transcend the traditional role of instruments or loudspeakers, evolving into unique pieces of concept art. Through his "SLEEPING BEAUTIES" series, handcrafted electric guitar masterpieces sealed off for 100 years, Ritter raises awareness of the conflict between the future of AI music production and pure, unenhanced human creativity.

Addressing the prevalent over-consumption of music as background audio decoration, Ritter's futuristic "HYPERSPACERS" are silent, non-functional hi-fi loudspeakers with a hidden secret – they gently vibrate at the human breathing frequency.

For Ritter, sculpting is akin to composing music. Just as a musician communicates emotions and messages through music, Ritter expresses his passion and thoughts for electric guitar music culture through his art. His works serve as highly individual reflections of his personality, capturing extraordinary life experiences and fleeting impressions from everyday life.

Residing and working in Deidesheim, a picturesque town bordering the Palatine Forest in South-Western Germany, Ritter finds inspiration in the region's rich history and relaxed lifestyle. Amidst this tranquil setting, a historic 17th-century winery provides the perfect environment for him to "sculpt his music."

Committed to preserving human-made music culture, Ritter supports children and young people who aspire to express themselves through music but lack access to instruments.

Ritter's artworks grace the collections of esteemed institutions such as the Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C., the Boston Museum Of Fine Arts, and the MET - Metropolitan Museum Of Art in New York City. Renowned figures including like Prince (†), Lady Gaga, George Benson, Nile Rodgers, Mary J. Blige, musicians of the Grateful Dead, Madonna, Van Halen, and many more own Ritter’s works in their collections.

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