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Jens Ritter Sculpting Music

Jens Ritter is a German artist. He grew up in an environment characterized by perfectionist craftsmanship and intense music culture. This artistic ambience sparked his love and passion for the electric guitar - the instrument that initiated and influenced one of the most intense cultural developments of all time:
Pop Music Culture.

Jens Ritter’s artist mission is to make the spirit of this culture visible in versatile sculptural and conceptual works. His objects left their traditional purpose as instruments or loudspeakers, turned into unique pieces of concept art.
By creating his “SLEEPING BEAUTIES” – electric guitar sculptures sealed for 100 years to be used by future generations - the artist raises awareness for the fact that real handmade music, getting absorbed by Artificial Intelligence.
To address the current over-consumption of music as background audio decoration his futuristic HYPERSPACERS are switched off, silent and non-functional hi-fi loudspeakers with a hidden secret – they gently vibrate in the human breathing frequency.

For Jens Ritter, creating his sculptures is like writing songs. Like a musician who communicates his emotions and messages through music, Jens Ritter is expressing his passion and thoughts for the pop music culture through his works of art. They reflect his personality in highly individual expressions. Some of them tell stories about his extraordinary life experiences. Others just portray fleeting impressions that came across in his everyday life. The actual basis of his artistic work is the exploration of the connection between music, matter and the universal energy.

Jens lives and works in Deidesheim, a lovely little town located at the border of the Palatine Forest, South-Western Germany. This ancient area is a famous wine-growing district, well-known for its unhurried way of life, delicious food and friendly hospitality. A historic winery built in the 17th century offers him the perfect setting to “sculpt his music”.

Museums like the Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C, the Boston Museum Of Fine Arts, the MET - Metropolitan Museum Of Art in New York City as well as Stars like Prince (†), Lady Gaga, George Benson, Nile Rodgers, Mary J. Blige, musicians of the Grateful Dead or Van Halen own Ritter’s works in their art collections.

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